Gwendalyn J Randolph, Ph.D.

Emil R. Unanue Professor
Pathology and Immunology
Internal Medicine

Immunology Program
Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Program

Research Abstract:

Our laboratory considers the impact of how transit of cells and molecules out of tissues influences the inflammatory microenvironment. The lymphatic vasculature is the primary regulator of flux out of tissues and thus we focus on the functionality of the lymphatic vasculature as it relates to the transport of cargo, particularly myeloid antigen-presenting cells in immunity and molecular entities like HDL. In this context, we focus on two chronic inflammatory disease settings, experimental atherosclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Selected Publications:

K Kim, JW Williams, Y Wang, S Ivanov, S Gilfillan, M Colonna, HW Virgin, EL Gautier, GJ Randolph. 2016. MHC II+ resident peritoneal and pleural macrophages rely on microbiome and IRF4 for development from circulating monocytes, J. Exp. Med., 213(10):1951-9

GJ Randolph, S Bala, JF Rahier, MW Johnson, PL Wang, I Nalbantoglu, L Dubuquoy, A Chau, B Pariente, A Kartheuser, BH Zinselmeyer, JF Colombel. 2016. Lymphoid aggregates remodel lymphatic collecting vessels that serve mesenteric lymph nodes in Crohn`s disease. Amer J Pathol., 186:3066-3073. [article highlighted by the Society of Mucosal Immunology as one of 8 Featured Papers for 2016;]

Ivanov S, Scallan JP, Kim KW, Werth K, Johnson MW, Saunders BT, Wang PL, Kuan EL, Straub AC, Ouhachi M, Weinstein EG, Williams JW, Briseno C, Colonna M, Isakson BE, Gautier EL, Foerster R, Davis MJ, Zinselmeyer BH, Randolph GJ. 2016. CCR7 and IRF4-dependent dendritic cells regulate lymphatic collecting vessel permeability. J. Clin. Invest., 126: 1581-91. PMID: 2699610

Kuan EL, Ivanov S, Bridenbaugh EA, Victora G, Wang W, Childs EW, Platt AM, Jakubzick CV, Mason RJ, Gashev AA, Nussenzweig M, Swartz MA, Dustin ML, Zaweija DC, Randolph GJ. 2015. Collecting lymphatic vessel permeability facilitates adipose tissue inflammation and distribution of antigen to lymph node-homing adipose tissue dendritic cells. J. Immunol., Jun 1;194(11):5200-10. PMID: 2699610 [cover feature]

Gautier EL, Ivanov S, Williams JW, Huang SC, Marcelin G, Fairfax K, Wang PL, Francis JS, Leone P, Wilson DB, Artyomov MN, Pearce EJ, and Randolph GJ. Gata6 regulates aspartoacylase expression in resident peritoneal macrophages and controls their survival. J Exp Med 2014;211(8):1525-1531. PMCID: PMC4113942

Jakubzick, C., Gautier,E. L., Gibbings,E. L., Sojka,D., Schlitzer,D. K., Ivanov, S., T. E. Johnson, Q. Duan, S. Bala, T. Condon, N. Van Rooijen, J. R. Grainger, Y. Belkaid, A. Ma’ayan, W. M. Yokoyama, F. Ginhoux, P. Henson, G. J. Randolph. 2013. Minimal differentiation of classical monocytes as they survey steady state tissues and transport antigens to lymph nodes. Immunity.

Gautier, E. L., Ivanov, S., Lesnik, P. Randolph, G. J. Local apoptosis mediates clearance of macrophages from resolving inflammation in mice. 2013. BLOOD.

C. Martel, W. Li, B. Fulp, A. M. Platt, E. L. Gautier, M.Westerterp, R. Bittman, A. R. Tall, S. H. Chen, M. J. Thomas, D. Kreisel, M. A. Swartz, M. G. Sorci-Thomas, G. J. Randolph. 2013. Lymphatic vasculature mediates macrophage reverse cholesterol transport in mice. J. Clin. Invest., 123:1571-1579. PMCID: 3613904

A. M. Platt, J. M. Rutkowski, C. Martel, E.L. Kuan, S. Ivanov, M.A. Swartz, G.J. Randolph. 2013. Normal dendritic cell mobilization to lymph nodes under conditions of severe lymphatic hypoplasia. J. Immunol, 190:4608-4620. PMCID: 3634097.

E. L. Gautier, T. Shay, J. Miller, M. Greter, C. Jakubzick, J. Helft, A. Chow, K. G. Elpek, S. Gordonov, A. R. Mazloom, W-J Chua, T. H. Hansen, A. Ma’ayan, S. J. Turley, M. Merad, G. J Randolph. 2012. Gene expression profiles and transcriptional regulatory pathways underlying murine tissue macrophage identity and diversity. Nat. Immunol. 13:118-1128. PMCID: 3558276.

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