Jonathan Miner, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Molecular Microbiology

Immunology Program
Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Program

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  • Innate immunity and host-pathogen interactions in autoimmunity.

Research Abstract:

Our laboratory studies the intersection of innate immunity, antiviral immunity, and autoimmunity.

This includes animal models of human rheumatic diseases including STING-associated vasculopathy with onset in infancy, as well as models of viral pathogenesis.

We have generated and studied numerous knockin mouse models with human disease-causing mutations.

Using CRISPR/Cas9 screening, we have recently identified mutliple novel regulators of viral nucleic acid sensing pathways.

The laboratory currently has 4 postdoctoral fellows, 3 PhD students, and 2 technicians. We are eager to accept additional graduate students to work on these projects.

Selected Publications:

1. Miner JJ, Daniels BP, Shrestha B, Proenca-Modena JL, Lew ED, Lazear HM, Gorman MJ, Lemke G, Klein RS, and Diamond MS. The TAM receptor Mertk protects against neuroinvasive viral infection by maintaining blood-brain barrier integrity. Nature Med. 2015 Dec; 21(12):1464-72.

2. Miner JJ, Cao, B, Govero, J, Smith AM, Fernandez E, Cabrera OH, Garber C, Noll M, Klein RS, Noguchi KK, Mysorekar IU, Diamond MS. Zika virus infection during pregnancy in mice causes placental damage and fetal demise. Cell. 2016. May; 165(5):1081-91.

3. Zhang R, Miner JJ, Gorman MJ, Rausch K, Ramge H, White JP, Zuiani A, Zhang P, Fernandez E, Zhang Q, Dowd KA, Pierson TC, Cherry S, Diamond MS. A CRISPR screen defines a signal peptide processing pathway required by flaviviruses. Nature. 2016 Jul; 535(7610):164-8.

4. Miner JJ, Sene A, Richner JM, Smith AM, Santeford A, Ban N, Weger-Lucarelli J, Manzella F, Rückert C, Govero J, Noguchi KK, Ebel GD, Diamond MS, Apte RS. Zika Virus Infection in Mice Causes Panuveitis with Shedding of Virus in Tears. Cell Rep. 2016 Sep; 16(12):3208-18.

5. Miner JJ, Cook LE, Hong JP, Smith AM, Richner JM, Shimak RM, Young AR, Monte K, Poddar S, Crowe JE, Lenschow DJ, Diamond MS. Therapy with CTLA4-Ig and an antiviral monoclonal antibody controls chikungunya virus arthritis. Sci Transl Med. 2017 Feb; 9(375).

6. Warner JD, Irizarry-Caro RA, Bennion BG, Ai TL, Smith AM, Miner CA, Sakai T, Gonugunta VK, Platt DJ, Yan N, Miner JJ. STING-associated vasculopathy develops independently of IRF3 in mice. J Exp Med. 2017. Nov;214(11):3279-3292.

7. Platt DJ, Smith AM, Arora N, Diamond MS, Coyne CB, Miner JJ. Zika virus-related neurotropic flaviviruses infect human placental explants and cause fetal demise in mice. Sci Transl Med. 2018. Jan;426(10), eaao7090.

8. Bennion BG, Ingle H, Ai TL, Miner CA, Platt DJ, Smith AM, Baldridge MT, Miner JJ. A human gain-of-function STING mutation causes immunodeficiency and gammaherpesvirus-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice. J Virol. 2019 Feb 5;93(4). pii: e01806-18.

9. Luksch H, Stinson WA, Platt DJ, Qian W, Kalugotla G, Miner CA, Bennion BG, Gerbaulet A, Rösen-Wolff A, Miner JJ. STING-associated lung disease in mice relies on T cells but not type I interferon. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2019 Jul; 144(1):154-266.e8.

10. Wu J, Chen YJ, Dobbs N, Sakai T, Liou J, Miner JJ, Yan N. STING-mediated disruption of calcium homeostasis chronically activates ER stress and primes T cell death. J Exp Med. 2019 Apr 1;216(4):867-883.

11. Ingle H, Lee S, Ai T, Orvedahl A, Rodgers R, Zhao G, Sullender M, Peterson ST, Locke M, Liu TC, Yokoyama CC, Sharp B, Schultz-Cherry S, Miner JJ, Baldridge MT. Viral complementation of immunodeficiency confers protection against enteric pathogens via interferon-lambda. Nat Microbiol. 2019 Jul;4(7):1120-1128.

12. Qian W, Miner CA, Ingle H, Platt DJ, Baldridge MT, Miner JJ. A human STAT1 gain-of-function mutation impairs CD8+ T cell responses against gammaherpesvirus-68. J Virol. 2019 Sep 12;93(19). pii: e00307-19.

13. Bennion BG, Croft CA, Ai TL, Qian W, Menos AM, Miner CA, Fremond ML, Doisne JM, Andhey PS, Platt DJ, Bando JK, Wang ER, Luksch H, Molina TJ, Robison EDO, Artyomov MN, Rosen-Wolff A, Colonna M, Rieux-Laucat F, Di Santo JP, Neven B, Miner JJ. STING gain-of-function disrupts lymph node organogenesis and innate lymphoid cell development in mice. Cell Rep. 2020. Jun 16; 31(11):107771.

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viSNE plots of splenocytes from WT and STING knockin mice analyzed by CyTOF
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