Aristeidis Sotiras, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Institute for Informatics

Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Program
Neurosciences Program


  • Intersection of medical image processing, machine learning, data science, and computational neuroscience

Research Abstract:

My research interests are at the intersection of medical image processing, machine learning, data science, and computational neuroscience. My research work has an inherently multidisciplinary character, combining a broad spectrum of analytical tools to extract and integrate relevant information from images and clinical data. Specifically, I focus on developing novel computational methods to delineate patterns in large heterogeneous data sets, with the aim of improving patient-specific diagnosis and advancing our understanding of brain structure and function in heath and disease.

My current work aims to make progress toward precision medicine through computational approaches. My goal is to improve medical decision-making by leveraging advanced multivariate pattern analysis tools to accurately identify relationships in medical data, whose high dimensionality and complexity exceed the human capacity to integrate relevant information to support informed decision-making. Advanced computer models have the potential to mine large amounts of existing clinical data, and to capture and quantify each person’s unique biological and behavioral profile, toward delivering personalized disease indexes of diagnostic and prognostic value. Such highly sensitive and specific biomarkers may identify individuals at risk long before the emergence of clinical symptoms, thus potentially maximizing the therapeutic effect of treatments, contributing to improved outcomes. Lastly, computational methods may further elucidate underlying pathophysiological processes by identifying more parsimonious diagnostic groups. Such an improved understanding could pave the road for therapeutic innovation, and transform clinical care by tailoring treatment to patient needs.

Selected Publications:

M. Ouyang, T. Jeon, A. Sotiras, Q. Peng, V. Mishra, C. Halovanic, M. Chen, L. Chalak, N. Rollins, T. P.L. Roberts, C. Davatzikos & Hao Huang (2019) Differential cortical microstructural maturation in the preterm human brain with diffusion kurtosis and tensor imaging. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(10), 4681-4688.

M. Habes, A. Sotiras, G. Erus, J. B. Toledo, D. Janowitz, D. A. Wolk, H. Shou, N. Bryan, J. Doshi, H. Völzke, U. Schminke, W. Hoffmann, S. M. Resnick, H. J. Grabe, & C. Davatzikos, (2018). Spatial heterogeneity of white matter hyperintensities: links to vascular risk factors, cognition, atrophy and Alzheimer’s genetics. Neurology, 91(10), e964-e975.

E. Varol, A. Sotiras, & C. Davatzikos, (2018). MIDAS: Multivariate inference with discriminative adaptive smoothing. NeuroImage, 174, 111-126.

D. P. Varikuti*, S. Genon*, A. Sotiras, H. Schwender, F. Hoffstaedter, C. Jockwitz, S. Caspers, S. Moebus, K. Amunts, C. Davatzikos, & S. B. Eickhoff, (2018). Evaluation of non-negative matrix factorization of gray matter in age prediction. NeuroImage, 173, 394-410.

M. Pehlivanova, D. H. Wolf, A. Sotiras, et al., (2018). Diminished cortical thickness is associated with impulsive choice in adolescence. Journal of Neuroscience. 38(10), 2471-2481

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