Jing W. Hughes, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine
Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Lipid Research
Cell Biology and Physiology

Molecular Cell Biology Program
Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology Program

Research Abstract:

Primary cilia are specialized antennae that control cell-cell communication. In pancreatic islets, disruptions of ciliary function leads to diabetes and cancer. We have generated new mouse models to study how cilia controls islet response to nutrients, calcium and cAMP activation, and whole-body metabolism. Standard techniques include tissue culture, molecular biology, immunohistochemistry, in vivo metabolic studies, light and electron microscopy. Join us for ample opportunities for collaboration with other labs on campus, and access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment at the Washington University Center for Cellular Imaging (WUCCI) and Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (MIR). For MSTP students interested in Endocrinology, we would be happy to offer you clinical experience via our diabetes and general endocrinology consult teams.

Mentorship and Commitment to Diversity Statement:
We are committed to promoting diversity and will work toward an inclusive environment for all trainees.

Selected Publications:

Hughes JW, Ustione A, Lavagnino Z, Piston D. Regulation of islet glucagon secretion: Beyond calcium. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism. 2018.

Hughes JW, Bao Y, Salam M, Joshi P, Kilpatrick CR, Juneja K, Nieves D, Bouhairie V, Jordan OJ, Blustin EC, Tobin GS, McGill JB. Late Onset T1DM and Older Age Predict Risk of Additional Autoimmune Disease. Diabetes Care, 2018.

Bao YK, Salam M, Parks D, McGill JB, Hughes J. High prevalence of systemic rheumatic diseases in women with type 1 diabetes. J Diabetes Complications, 2018.

Hughes JW, Muegge BD, Tobin GS, Litvin M, Sun L, Saenz JB, Gyawali CP, McGill JB. High Risk Gastric Pathology and Prevalent Autoimmune Diseases in Patients with Pernicious Anemia. Endocrine Practice, 2017.

Hughes JW, Riddlesworth T, Miller K, DiMeglio L, Rickels M, McGill JB. Autoimmune Diseases in Children and Adults with Type 1 Diabetes from the T1D Exchange Clinic Registry. JCEM, 2016.

Vomund A, Zinselmyer B, Hughes J, Calderon B, Valderrama C, Ferris S, Wan X, Kanekura K, Carrero J, Urano F, Unanue E. Beta cells transfer vesicles containing insulin to phagocytes for presentation to T cells. PNAS, 2015.
Hughes JW, Herold KC. Novel SIRT1 mutation linked to autoimmune diabetes in humans. Cell Metabolism, 2013

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