Jae-Sung Kim, Ph.D.

Cell Biology and Physiology

Molecular Cell Biology Program
Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology Program

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  • Mitochondria and autophagy in ischemic liver injury and liver aging

Research Abstract:

Research Interests:

Elucidating mechanistic roles of mitochondria and autophagy in ischemic liver injury

Understanding how mitochondrial autophagy (mitophagy) affects liver aging

Developing therapeutic strategies to attenuate ischemia/reperfusion injury in fatty livers

Selected Publications:

Mitochondrial quality control mechanisms as molecular targets in cardiac ageing.
Picca A, Mankowski RT, Burman JL, Donisi L, Kim JS, Marzetti E, Leeuwenburgh C.
Nature reviews. Cardiology. 2018; 15(9):543-554.

Loss of sirtuin 1 and mitofusin 2 contributes to enhanced ischemia/reperfusion injury in aged livers.
Chun SK, Lee S, Flores-Toro J, U RY, Yang MJ, Go KL, Biel TG, Miney CE, Pierre Louis S, Law BK, Law ME, Thomas EM, Behrns KE, Leeuwenburgh C, Kim JS.
Aging cell. 2018; 17(4):e12761.

Carbon Monoxide Inhibits Islet Apoptosis via Induction of Autophagy.
Kim DS, Song L, Wang J, Wu H, Gou W, Cui W, Kim JS, Wang H.
Antioxidants & redox signaling. 2018; 28(14):1309-1322.

Gα12 overexpression induced by miR-16 dysregulation contributes to liver fibrosis by promoting autophagy in hepatic stellate cells.
Kim KM, Han CY, Kim JY, Cho SS, Kim YS, Koo JH, Lee JM, Lim SC, Kang KW, Kim JS, Hwang SJ, Ki SH, Kim SG.
Journal of hepatology. 2018; 68(3):493-504.

Exercise-Induced Autophagy in Fatty Liver Disease.
Chun SK, Lee S, Yang MJ, Leeuwenburgh C, Kim JS.
Exercise and sport sciences reviews. 2017; 45(3):181-186.

Mitochondrial ATP transporter depletion protects mice against liver steatosis and insulin resistance.
Cho J, Zhang Y, Park SY, Joseph AM, Han C, Park HJ, Kalavalapalli S, Chun SK, Morgan D, Kim JS, Someya S, Mathews CE, Lee YJ, Wohlgemuth SE, Sunny NE, Lee HY, Choi CS, Shiratsuchi T, Oh SP, Terada N.
Nature communications. 2017; 8:14477.

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