Brian A. Gordon, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Radiological Sciences

Neurosciences Program
Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Program

  • 314-747-7354


  • Neuroimaging to better understand the brain in vivo

Research Abstract:

The challenges presented by an aging population across the globe is one of the greatest social and economic challenges facing our healthcare system in the near term as well as the future. To best meet this challenge, we must understand how cognition changes and potential mechanisms mediating this decline. Individual cognitive aging trajectories are heterogeneous, with some older adults preserving cognition and others showing dramatic declines as they age. These changes in cognition do not occur in isolation but reflect the biology of the brain.
Neuroimaging is an ideal approach to better understand the brain in vivo. Areas of focus in my research are:

1) to characterize how neuroimaging markers of the brain change in older adult populations.

2) to understand sources of variability in both cognition and neuroimaging markers.

3) to untangle how PETmarkers of amyloid and tau are related to other biomarkers of disease.

4) to better understand why certain regions of the brain are more vulnerable than others to Alzheimer Disease pathology

Selected Publications:

Thirunavu, V, McCullough, A, Su, Y, Flores, S, Dincer, A, Morris, JC, Cruchaga, C, Benzinger TLS, Gordon, BA. (2019) Higher body mass index is associated with lower cortical amyloid-β burden iin cognitively normal individuals in late-life. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. 69(3): 817-827.

Gordon, BA, Blazey, TM, Christensen, J, Dincer, A, Flores, S, Keefe, S, Chen, C, Su, Y, McDade, EM, Wang, G, Li, Y, Hornbeck, R, Jack Jr, CR, Ances, BM, Berman, SB, Brosch, JR, Gauthier, S, Glasko, D, Lah, JJ, Masellis, M, van Dyckk, CH, Mintun, MA, Klein, G, Ristic, S, Cairns, NJ, Marcus, DS, Xiong, C, Holtzman, DM, Raichle, ME, Morris, JC, Bateman RJ, Benzinger, TLS. (2019) Tau PET in autosomal dominant Alzheimer's disease: relationship with cognition, dementia and other biomarkers. Brain. 142(4):1063-1076.

Preische, O, Schultz, S, Apel, A, Kuhle, J, Kaeser, SA, Barro, C, Graber-Sultan, S, Kuder-Buletta, E, LaFougere, C, Laske, C, Voglein, J, Levin, J, Masters, CL, Graff-Radford, NR, Salloway, S, Ghetti, B, Ringman, JM, Noble, JM, Chhatwal, J, Benzinger, TLS, Morris, JC, Bateman, RJ, Wang, G, Fagan, AM, McDade, EM, Gordon, BA. Jucker, M. (2019) Serum neurofilament dynamics predicts neurodegeneration and clinical progression in presymptomatic Alzheimer's disease. Nature Medicine. 25(2):277-283.

Gordon, BA*, Blazey TM*, Su, Y, et al. (2018). Spatial patterns of longitudinal neuroimaging biomarker change in autosomal dominant Alzheimer disease. Lancet Neurology.17(3):241-250.

Mishra, S, Blazey T, Holtzman, DM, Cruchaga, C, Su, Y, Morris JC, Benzinger TLS, Gordon, BA. (2018) Longitudinal brain imaging in preclinical Alzheimer disease: Impact of APOE ε4 genotype.. Brain. 141(6):1828-1839.

Sato, C, Barthelemy, NR, Mawuenyega, KG, Patterson, BW, Gordon, BA, Jockel-Balsarotti, J, Sullivan, M, Crisp, MJ, Kasten, T, Kirmess, K, Kanaan, NM, Yarasheski, KE, Baker-Nigh, A, Benzinger, TLS, Miller, TM, Karch, CM, Bateman, RJ. (2018) Tau kinetics in neurons and the human central nervous system. Neuron. 97 (6): 1284-1298.

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