Allen Yen

Program: Developmental Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology

Current advisor: Joseph D. Dougherty, PhD

Undergraduate university: Boston University, 2013

Enrollment year: 2018

Research summary
Investigating the role of epigenetics and gene regulatory elements in the developing brain

Graduate publications
Rahn RM, Yen A, Chen S, Gaines SH, Bice AR, Brier LM, Swift RG, Lee L, Maloney SE, Culver JP, Dougherty JD. 2023 Mecp2 deletion results in profound alterations of developmental and adult functional connectivity. Cereb Cortex, 33(12):7436-53. PMCID: PMC10267622

Chen J, Yen A, Florian CP, Dougherty JD.. 2022 MYT1L in the making: emerging insights on functions of a neurodevelopmental disorder gene. Transl Psychiatry, 12(1):292

Lalli M, Yen A, Thopte U, Dong F, Moudgil A, Chen X, Milbrandt J, Dougherty JD, Mitra RD. 2022 Measuring transcription factor binding and gene expression using barcoded self-reporting transposon calling cards and transcriptomes. NAR Genom Bioinform, 4(3):lqac061. PMCID:

Cammack AJ, Moudgil A, Chen J, Vasek MJ, Shabsovich M, McCullough K, Yen A, Lagunas T, Maloney SE, He J, Chen X, Hooda M, Wilkinson MN, Miller TM, Mitra RD, Dougherty JD. 2020 A viral toolkit for recording transcription factor-DNA interactions in live mouse tissues. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 117(18):10003-14. PMCID: PMC7211997