Daniel Veronese Paniagua

Program: Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology

Current advisor: Jeffrey R. Millman, PhD

Undergraduate university: Cornell University, 2017

Enrollment year: 2019

Research summary
I study the effects of genetic and environmental factors on the initiation and progression of Type I Diabetes using primary and stem cell-derived human islets as a model system.

Graduate publications
Maestas MM, Ishahak M, Augsornworawat P, Veronese-Paniagua DA, Maxwell KG, Velazco-Cruz L, Marquez E, Sun J, Shunkarova M, Gale SE, Urano F, Millman JR. 2024 Identification of unique cell type responses in pancreatic islets to stress. Nat Commun, 15(1):5567. PMCID:

Augsornworawat P, Hogrebe NJ, Ishahak M, Schmidt MD, Marquez E, Maestas MM, Veronese-Paniagua DA, Gale SE, Miller JR, Velazco-Cruz L, Millman JR. 2023 Single-nucleus multi-omics of human stem cell-derived islets identifies deficiencies in lineage specification. Nat Cell Biol, 25(6):904-16. PMCID: PMC10264244

Fischer AD, Veronese-Paniagua DA, Swaminathan S, Kashima H, Rubin DC, Madison BB. 2023 The oncogenic function of PLAGL2 is mediated via ASCL2 and IGF2 and a Wnt-independent mechanism in colorectal cancer. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol, 325(2):G196-G211. PMCID: PMC10396286

Blair ME, Cao GTH, López-Nandam EH, Veronese-Paniagua DA, Birchette MG, Kenyon M, Md-Zain BM, Munds RA, Nekaris KA, Nijman V, Roos C, Thach HM, Sterling EJ, Le MD. 2023 Molecular Phylogenetic Relationships and Unveiling Novel Genetic Diversity among Slow and Pygmy Lorises, including Resurrection of Xanthonycticebus intermedius. Genes (Basel), 14(3):643. PMCID: PMC10048081