Jace Webster

Program: Human and Statistical Genetics

Current advisor: Christopher Maher, PhD

Undergraduate university: Brigham Young University, 2019

Enrollment year: 2019

Research summary
Improving precision medicine strategies through the use of non-invasive, targeted sequencing of cfDNA

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men and the majority of patients quickly exhibit resistance to first-line treatments. With an increasingly large number of alternative care strategies becoming available, it is important to stratify patients for appropriate treatment as early as possible. I am to improve patient outcomes through precision medicine by using non-invasive, targeted sequencing of cell-free DNA to stratify patients so that they can receive the appropriate care as quickly as possible.

Graduate publications
Nickless A, Zhang J, Othoum G, Webster J, Inkman MJ, Coonrod E, Fontes S, Rozycki EB, Maher CA, White NM. 2022 Pan-Cancer Analysis Reveals Recurrent BCAR4 Gene Fusions across Solid Tumors. Mol Cancer Res, 20(10):1481-88. PMCID: PMC9530645

Chauhan PS, Hartman SH, Dang HX, Webster J, Ellis H, Feng W, Harris PK, Ledet EM, Jaeger EB, Miller PM, Caputo SA, Pachynski RK, Sartor O, Maher CA, Chaudhuri AA. 2021 Cell-free DNA alterations in the AR/enhancer locus measured before AR signaling inhibition portend poor overall survival in metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer patients. Cancer Res, 81(13):550