Jennifer Lawrence

Program: Neurosciences

Current advisor: Erik S. Musiek, MD, PhD

Undergraduate university: University of Delaware, 2018

Enrollment year: 2019

Research summary
Studying how the astrocyte circadian clock may regulate neutrophil infiltration into the CNS during different neurodegenerative diseases.

We propose a unique mechanism by which circadian regulation of CXCL5 in astrocytes allows for tight temporal and spatial control over BBB breakdown and leukocyte extravasation. CXCL5 is a potent chemokine that both induces BBB breakdown and neutrophil chemotaxis – two immune responses critical during neurodegeneration.

Graduate publications
Sheehan PW, Nadarajah CJ, Kanan MF, Patterson JN, Novotny B, Lawrence JH, King MW, Brase L, Inman CE, Yuede CM, Lee J, Patel TK, Harari O, Benitez BA, Davis AA, Musiek ES. 2023 An astrocyte BMAL1-BAG3 axis protects against alpha-synuclein and tau pathology. Neuron, ():Online ahead of print. PMCID: