Ju Heon Maeng

Program: Human and Statistical Genetics

Current advisor: Ting Wang, PhD

Undergraduate university: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 2015

Enrollment year: 2016

Research summary
Leveraging long-read technology to investigate epigenetically induced tumor-specific antigens in glioblastoma

Graduate publications
Shah NM, Jang HJ, Liang Y, Maeng JH, Tzeng SC, Wu A, Basri NL, Qu X, Fan C, Li A, Katz B, Li D, Xing X, Evans BS, Wang T. 2023 Pan-cancer analysis identifies tumor-specific antigens derived from transposable elements. Nat Genet, 55(4):631-39. PMCID:

Lee HJ, Hou Y, Maeng JH, Shah NM, Chen Y, Lawson HA, Yang H, Yue F, Wang T. 2022 Epigenomic analysis reveals prevalent contribution of transposable elements to cis-regulatory elements, tissue-specific expression, and alternative promoters in zebrafish. Genome Res, 32(7):1424-36. PMCID: