Justin Baldwin

Program: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Current advisor: Carlos A. Botero, PhD

Undergraduate university: Hampshire College, 2013

Enrollment year: 2019

Research summary

Graduate publications
Baldwin JW, Garcia-Porta J, Botero CA. 2023 Complementarity in Allen’s and Bergmann’s rules among birds. Nat Commun, 14(1):4240. PMCID: PMC10349823

Minakova E, Mikati MO, Madasu MK, Conway SM, Baldwin JW, Swift RG, McCullough KB, Dougherty JD, Maloney SE, Al-Hasani R. 2022 Perinatal oxycodone exposure causes long-term sex-dependent changes in weight trajectory and sensory processing in adult mice. Psychopharmacology (Berl), 239(12):3859-73. PMCID:

Baldwin JW, Garcia-Porta J, Botero CA. 2022 Phenotypic responses to climate change are significantly dampened in big-brained birds. Ecol Lett, 25(4):939-47. PMCID: