Kay Park

MSTP in PhD Training

Program: Neurosciences

Current advisor: Eric Claude Leuthardt, MD

Undergraduate university: Washington University, 2017

Enrollment year: 2019

Research summary
Non-invasive characterization of network and metabolism changes in glioblastoma

The long-term goal of my work is to realize the full capabilities of rs-fMRI as functional biomarkers to advance our understanding of glioblastoma and ultimately improve patient outcomes. The overall objective of my projects is to optimize methodological approaches for using rs-fMRI and identify measures that can effectively characterize glioblastomas as a systemic and brain-wide disease. The central hypothesis is that appropriate and effective use of BOLD signals will provide unique insights into glioblastoma biology that complement findings from other approaches like molecular and basic science, thereby improving the interpretability of the clinical tool. The rationale for our proposed research is two-fold: an effective neuroimaging tool that has been methodologically optimized can yield reliable findings, furthering our understanding of the disease; contextualizing rs-fMRI measures within the greater context of glioblastoma pathophysiology can help better realize the potential of rs-fMRI as effective radiomic biomarkers.

Graduate publications
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