Kyusik Kim

Program: Molecular Cell Biology

Current advisor: Hani Zaher, PhD

Undergraduate university: Washington University, 2015

Enrollment year: 2017

Research summary
Investigating the relationship between translation speed and mRNA decay

Graduate publications
Kim KQ, Zaher HS. 2022 Canary in a coal mine: collided ribosomes as sensors of cellular conditionsc. Trends Biochem Sci, 47(1):82-97.

Kim KQ, Burgute BD, Tzeng SC, Jing C, Jungers C, Zhang J, Yan LL, Vierstra RD, Djuranovic S, Evans BS, Zaher HS. 2022 N1-methylpseudouridine found within COVID-19 mRNA vaccines produces faithful protein products. Cell Rep, 40(9):111300.

Kim KQ, Zaher HS. 2022 Translating while under attack: Plant defense mRNAs find a way. Mol Cell, 82(17)::3124-25.

Thomas EN, Kim KQ, McHugh EP, Marcinkiewicz T, Zaher HS. 2020 Alkylative damage of mRNA leads to ribosome stalling and rescue by trans translation in bacteria. Elife, 9():e61984.

Oliveira V, Mahajan N, Bates ML, Tripathi C, Kim KQ, Zaher HS, Maggi LB Jr, Tomasson MH. 2019 The snoRNA Target of t(4;14) in Multiple Myeloma Regulates Ribosome Biogenesis. FASEB Bioadv, 1(7):404-14.

Simms CL, Kim KQ, Yan LL, Qiu J, Zaher HS. 2018 Interactions between the mRNA and Rps3/uS3 at the entry tunnel of the ribosomal small subunit are important for no-go decay. PLoS Genet, 14(11):e1007818.