Nick Jensen

Program: Computational and Systems Biology

Current advisor: Mayssa H. Mokalled, PhD

Undergraduate university: Brigham Young University, 2015

Enrollment year: 2018

Research summary
I study zebrafish posture to assign health scores and predict recovery outcomes after spinal cord injury.

Zebrafish recover from spinal cord injury more efficiently than humans. I study gait, the way that a fish swims, to quantify functional aspect of recovery. Through gait analysis I plan to predict recovery outcomes, which will improve targeted cellular research about the origins of healthy regeneration at earlier time points after injury. My current focus is to find or define statistics that accurately test swim gait similarity.

Graduate publications
Du AY, Zhuo X, Sundaram V, Jensen NO, Chaudhari HG, Saccone NL, Cohen BA, Wang T.. 2022 Functional characterization of enhancer activity during a long terminal repeat’s evolution. Genome Res, 32(10):1840-51. PMCID: PMC9712623