Wei Meng

Program: Immunology

Current advisor: Robert D. Schreiber, PhD

Undergraduate university: Brigham Young University, 2016

Enrollment year: 2016

Research summary
Mass spectrometry based discovery of tumor antigens for cancer immunotherapy

Graduate publications
Gang M, Marin ND, Wong P, Neal CC, Marsala L, Foster M, Schappe T, Meng W, Tran J, Schaettler M, Davila ML, Gao F, Cashen AF, Bartlett NL, Mehta-Shah N, Kahl B, Kim M, Cooper ML, DiPersio JF, Berrien-Elliott MM, Fehniger TA. 2020 CAR-modified memory-like NK cells exhibit potent responses to NK-resistant lymphomas. Blood, 136(20):2308-2318. PMCID: PMC7702478

Alspach E, Lussier DM, Miceli AP, Kizhvatov I, DuPage M, Luoma AM, Meng W, Lichti CF, Esaulova E, Vomund AN, Runci D, Ward JP, Gubin MM, Medrano RFV, Arthur CD, White JM, Sheehan KCF, Chen A, Wucherpfennig KW, Jacks T, Unanue ER, Artyomov MN, Schreiber RD. 2019 MHC-II neoantigens shape tumour immunity and response to immunotherapy. Nature, 574(7780):696-701. PMCID: PMC6858572

Gubin MM, Esaulova E, Ward JP, Malkova ON, Runci D, Wong P, Noguchi T, Arthur CD, Meng W, Alspach E, Medrano RFV, Fronick C, Fehlings M, Newell EW, Fulton RS, Sheehan KCF, Oh ST, Schreiber RD, Artyomov MN. 2018 High-Dimensional Analysis Delineates Myeloid and Lymphoid Compartment Remodeling during Successful Immune-Checkpoint Cancer Therapy. Cell, ():pii: S0092-8674(18)31242-X. PMCID: