​Human and Statistical Genetics

Graduate Student CoordinatorSara Holmes​
Faculty Co-Directors Nathan Stitziel, MD, PhD​ & John Rice, PhD

 GRE is optional for this program​

The Human and Statistical Genetics Ph.D. Program at Washington University in St. Louis offers an interdisciplinary approach to preparing future scientists with analytical/statistical, computational, and human genetic methods for the study of human disease. Biology students performing human genetics research will acquire the necessary quantitative skills to analyze their datasets. Biostatisticians will acquire the biological skills and knowledge necessary to become intellectual collaborators in all phases of human genetics research, from initial experimental design through data analysis and interpretation. 

This program allows students to specialize in: “Human Genetics” or “Statistical Genetics”. Students focusing on Human Genetics will have majored in the biological sciences and have at least a minimum background in analytical/ statistical/ computational area. Students focusing on Statistical Genetics will have majors in statistical/ mathematical/ analytical sciences with at least a certain minimum background in biology. Training will address human/mammalian genetics, statistical genetics, and bioinformatics. A typical student in this program will pursue a dissertation devoted either to the development of novel analytical method(s) needed to solve a certain biological problem (Statistical Genetics), or human genetic research employing state-of the art molecular tools (Human genetics).


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