A PhD from the Roy and Diana Vagelos Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences equips you with the foundation to become an outstanding independent scientist. You will develop critical thinking skills and be immersed in a challenging, collaborative, and innovative educational and research environment. You will have opportunities to explore diverse career paths in a variety of fields, and you will earn your PhD with no debt; full tuition and yearly stipend are guaranteed to all accepted students.

At DBBS, you will discover a diverse and collegial community that provides you with the freedom to explore your research interests, and you will have the support needed to navigate the ambiguities and challenges inherent to the research process. Regardless of your program of admission, you can work with any of our >600 faculty experts to customize your education.

DBBS applicants hail from the U.S. and countries around the world. Applicants have strong educational and research experience from public and private academic institutions of all sizes and often from industry and government. Diverse in races, talents and backgrounds, our students, faculty, and staff share a love of science and the ability and desire to excel. Camaraderie and collaboration are overriding qualities of our community, with fellow students providing an especially important source of collaboration, support, and friendship.

About DBBS
About DBBS
An International Perspective

Admissions quick facts

  • APPLICATION DATES: September 1 – December 1 at 11:59 EST
    • DBBS does not have rolling admissions