​Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Both DBBS and The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Student and Alumni Affairs Team are committed to the following statements and ideals: 


DEISAA strives to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in DBBS, at WashU, and in the greater St. Louis community by promoting a culture where trainees enrolled in our programs can bring their full, authentic selves into our environments. We accomplish this by developing opportunities outside of lab that promote career readiness, managing self & others, and DEI skills.


We believe diversity and equity in bioscience research enhances innovation by enriching the depth and variety of thought and perspectives which stimulates creativity and discovery.


We hope to uphold the following values at the center of our programs and practices: 

  • Promoting equity and equitable practice (through an understanding of systems of power and domination).
  • Fostering a network of individuals committed to holistic student development.
  • Support trainees' wellness to encourage individuals bringing their full, authentic selves to their work and work environments.
  • Facilitating inclusive learner-centered environments.
  • Bringing students and community members on the margins of society into the forefront of the bioscience research enterprise.
  • Elevating and empowering trainees and trainee voices.
  • Providing a venue for alumni to share their time, talent and treasure. 

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