​Molecular Cell Biology

Graduate Student Coordinator: Stacy Kiel
Faculty Co-Directors: Roberta Faccio, Ph.D.​ & Zhongsheng You, Ph.D.​

GRE is not required for this program

Students and faculty in the Program in Molecular Cell Biology are involved in a wide array of investigations into many fundamental cell processes and the mechanisms that control them. Among the subjects currently under investigation are: gene expression; mechanisms of transcription and tissue-specific transcription regulation; molecular mechanisms involved in cell proliferation; cell cytoskeleton, motility and chemotaxis; pathways for the trafficking of molecules into and out of cells; receptor-ligand interactions involved in regulation of cell growth and cell phenotype; signal transduction molecules and pathways; lipid metabolism; assembly of supramolecular structures including extracellular matrix; and mechanisms of enzyme catalysis and inhibition; and mechanisms of pathogenesis. A common theme uniting these research programs is the desire to understand essential cellular functions at the highest possible level of molecular resolution. 

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