Aishwarya Krishnan

Program: Cancer Biology

Current advisor: Grant Challen, PhD

Undergraduate university: MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, 2015

Enrollment year: 2021

Research summary
Investigating the mechanistic role of IFNg in the clonal expansion of Dnmt3a-mutant hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs)

Graduate publications
Issa N, Bjeije H, Wilson ER, Krishnan A, Dunuwille WMB, Parsons TM, Zhang CR, Han W, Young AL, Ren Z, Ge K, Wang ES, Weng AP, Cashen A, Spencer DH, Challen GA. 2023 KDM6B protects T-ALL cells from NOTCH1-induced oncogenic stress. Leukemia, ():Online ahead of print. PMCID: