Celine St. Pierre

Program: Human and Statistical Genetics

Current advisor: Heather A. Lawson, PhD

Undergraduate university: University of Chicago, 2014

Enrollment year: 2017

Research summary
Unraveling how parent-of-origin and gene x environment effects impact complex metabolic traits

Graduate publications
Macias-Velasco JF, St Pierre CL, Wayhart JP, Yin L, Spears L, Miranda MA, Carson C, Funai K, Cheverud J, Semenkovich CF, Lawson HA. 2022 Parent-of-origin effects propagate through networks to shape metabolic traits. Elife, 11():e72989. PMCID: PMC9075957

St Pierre CL, Macias-Velasco JF, Wayhart JP, Yin L, Semenkovich CF, Lawson HA. 2022 Genetic, epigenetic, and environmental mechanisms govern allele-specific gene expression. Genome Res, 32(6):1042-57. PMCID:

Carson C, Macias-Velasco JF, Gunawardana S, Miranda MA, Oyama S, St Pierre CL, Schmidt H, Wayhart JP, Lawson HA. 2020 Brown Adipose Expansion and Remission of Glycemic Dysfunction in Obese SM/J Mice. Cell Rep, 33(1):108237. PMCID: PMC7594587

Miranda MA, Carson C, St Pierre CL, Macias-Velasco JF, Hughes JW, Kunzmann M, Schmidt H, Wayhart JP, Lawson HA. 2020 Spontaneous restoration of functional β-cell mass in obese SM/J mice. Physiol Rep, 8(20):e14573. PMCID: PMC7592878

Miranda MA, St Pierre CL, Macias-Velasco JF, Nguyen HA, Schmidt H, Agnello LT, Wayhart JP, Lawson HA. 2019 Dietary iron interacts with genetic background to influence glucose homeostasis. Nutr Metab (Lond), 16():13. PMCID: PMC6380031

Johnson EC, St. Pierre CL, Meyers J, Aliev F, McCutcheon VV, Lai D, Dick DM, Goate AM, Kramer J, et al.. 2019 The genetic relationship between alcohol consumption and aspects of problem drinking in an ascertained sample. Alcohol Clin Exp Res, 43(6):1113-1125. PMCID: PMC6560626