Courtney Jungers

Program: Molecular Cell Biology

Current advisor: Sergej Djuranovic, PhD

Undergraduate university: Marquette University, 2018

Enrollment year: 2019

Research summary
Translational control of gene expression through microRNAs and RNA-binding proteins.

Graduate publications
Jungers c, Djuranovic S. (2023). Targeted mRNA Degradation in Eukaryotes. In Bradshaw RA, Hart GW, Stahl PD (eds.), Encyclopedia of Cell Biology (pp. 116-26). : Academic Press.Jungers CF, Djuranovic S. 2022 Modulation of miRISC-Mediated Gene Silencing in Eukaryotes. Front Mol Biosci, 9():832916

Kim KQ, Burgute BD, Tzeng SC, Jing C, Jungers C, Zhang J, Yan LL, Vierstra RD, Djuranovic S, Evans BS, Zaher HS. 2022 N1-methylpseudouridine found within COVID-19 mRNA vaccines produces faithful protein products. Cell Rep, 40(9):111300. PMCID: PMC9376333

Jungers C, Djuranovic S. (2021). RNA | MicroRNAs in Eukaryotes. In Jez. Joseph (eds.), Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry III (pp. 587-93). : Elsevier.