Dylan Stahl

MSTP in PhD Training

Program: Neurosciences

Current advisor: John R. Pruett, Jr., MD, PhD

Undergraduate university: Knox College, 2017

Enrollment year: 2019

Research summary
functional networks associated with atypical motor development in infants with Down syndrome

I am in my second year of graduate school in Dr. John Pruett’s lab. My project is focused on conducting resting state functional connectivity MRI in infants with Down syndrome. Very few neuroimaging studies have been conducted on this patient population, and we know little about the neural correlates of the Down syndrome phenotype. I am specifically interested in areas of the brain associated with motor control, since infants with Down syndrome exhibit impaired motor abilities early, and tend to fall further behind typically developing peers as they age. I am collecting motor data using a reaching and grasping task, and comparing it to functional connectivity of networks associated with motor control in infants with Down syndrome and typically developing infants.

Graduate publications