Hyeim Jung

Program: Computational and Systems Biology

Current advisor: Makedonka Mitreva, PhD

Undergraduate university: Soongsil University, 2007

Enrollment year: 2018

Research summary
Integration of multi-omics approaches to study early stages of whipworm infection

Graduate publications
Rosa BA, Choi YJ, McNulty SN, Jung H, Martin J, Agatsuma T, Sugiyama H, Le TH, Doanh PN, Maleewong W, Blair D, Brindley PJ, Fischer PU, Mitreva M. 2021 Comparative genomics and transcriptomics of 4 Paragonimus species provide insights into lung fluke parasitism and pathogenesis. Gigascience, 9(7):giaa073.

Frézal L, Jung H, Tahan S, Wang D, Félix MA. 2019 Noda-Like RNA Viruses Infecting Caenorhabditis Nematodes: Sympatry, Diversity, and Reassortment. J Virol, 93(21):pii: e01170-19.