Julia Pai

Program: Neurosciences

Current advisor: Ilya E. Monosov, PhD

Undergraduate university: New York University, 2017

Enrollment year: 2019

Research summary
The neural circuitry of how we process uncertainty and how we are motivated to seek out information

Graduate publications
Pai J, Ogasawara T, Bromberg-Martin ES, Ogasawara K, Gereau RW, Monosov IE. 2023 Laser stimulation of the skin for quantitative study of decision-making and motivation. Cell Rep Methods, 2(9):100296. PMCID: PMC9499993

Pai J, Monosov IE.. 2022 Dopamine in the rodent tail of striatum regulates behavioral variability in response to threatening novel objects. Neuron, 110(22):3653-55

Ogasawara T, Sogukpinar F, Zhang K, Feng YY, Pai J, Jezzini A, Monosov IE.. 2022 A primate temporal cortex-zona incerta pathway for novelty seeking. Nat Neurosci, 25(1):50-60. PMCID: