Rachel Paolini

Program: Molecular Genetics and Genomics

Current advisor: George P. Souroullas, PhD

Undergraduate university: Canisius College, 2019

Enrollment year: 2019

Research summary

Graduate publications
Zimmerman SM, Nixon SJ, Chen PY, Raj L, Smith SR, Paolini RL, Lin PN, Souroullas G. 2023 Ezh2Y641F mutations co-operate with Stat3 to regulate MHC class I antigen processing and alter the tumor immune response in melanoma. Oncogene, 41(46):4933-93. PMCID: PMC9669177

Pal A, Barrett TF, Paolini R, Parikh A, Puram SV. 2022 Partial EMT in head and neck cancer biology: a spectrum instead of a switch. Oncogene, 40(32):5049-65