Rosie Reilly

MSTP in PhD Training

Program: Immunology

Current advisor: Carolina B. López, PhD

Undergraduate university: Boston College, 2019

Enrollment year: 2021

Research summary
Viral co-infections

I am working in the lab of Dr. Carolina Lopez studying the cellular and viral dynamics of respiratory viral coinfections. The advent of multiplex PCR panels in the clinic over the last several years have revealed that many patients presenting with symptoms of respiratory viral illness have the presence of two or more viruses in their airway. Reports are mixed about the effect of viral co-infections on disease severity and clinical course, and there is little known about the molecular mechanisms of co-infection. My project aims to elucidate the cellular response to viral co-infections as well as the effect on negative sense RNA viruses at a population level, with particular focus on nonstandard viral genomes.

Graduate publications