• Beijing University of Chemical Technology (2016)

  • Molecular Genetics and Genomics

  • Ting Wang, PhD

  • Charting the Epigenetic Dynamics during Zebrafish Fin Regeneration at Single-Cell Resolution

  • ychen@wustl.edu

Graduate Publications:

Lee HJ, Hou Y, Maeng JH, Shah NM, Chen Y, Lawson HA, Yang H, Yue F, Wang T. 2022 Epigenomic analysis reveals prevalent contribution of transposable elements to cis-regulatory elements, tissue-specific expression, and alternative promoters in zebrafish. Genome Res, 32(7):1424-36.

Jang HS, Chen Y, Ge J, Wilkening AN, Hou Y, Lee HJ, Choi YR, Lowdon RF, Xing X, Li D, Kaufman CK, Johnson SL, Wang T. 2021 Epigenetic dynamics shaping melanophore and iridophore cell fate in zebrafish. Genome Biol, 22(1):282.

Lee HJ, Hou Y, Chen Y, Dailey ZZ, Riddihough A, Jang HS, Wang T, Johnson SL. 2020 Regenerating zebrafish fin epigenome is characterized by stable lineage-specific DNA methylation and dynamic chromatin accessibility. Genome Biol, 21(1):52.

Hou Y, Lee HJ, Chen Y, Ge J, Osman FOI, McAdow AR, Mokalled MH, Johnson SL, Zhao G, Wang T. 2020 Cellular diversity of the regenerating caudal fin. Sci Adv, 6(33):eaba2084.

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