• Vassar College (2012)

  • Neurosciences

  • Erik S. Musiek, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Defining clock-controlled astrocyte interactions with amyloid beta

  • celia.mckee@wustl.edu


Aging and neurodegeneration are linked to disruptions in circadian clock function. We have previously reported that circadian clock disruption induces long-term activation of both microglia and astrocytes, which has important implications in chronic neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer`s disease (AD). Our goal is to investigate how the circadian clock functions in astrocytes to regulate the extracellular accumulation of pathological amyloid beta (Aβ) aggregates in AD mouse models. We are investigating whether the astrocyte clock regulates daily uptake and degradation of extracellular Aβ by astrocytes. This work will help elucidate mechanisms by which daily functions of astrocytes maintain long-term neuronal health to prevent neurodegenerative disease.

Graduate Publications:

Lananna BV, McKee CA, King MW, Del-Aguila JL, Dimitry JM, Farias FHG, Nadarajah CJ, Xiong DD, Guo C, Cammack AJ, Elias JA, Zhang J, Cruchaga C, Musiek ES. 2021 Chi3l1/YKL-40 is controlled by the astrocyte circadian clock and regulates neuroinflammation and Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis. Sci Transl Med, 12(574):eaax3519.

Patel TK, Habimana-Griffin L, Gao X, Xu B, Achilefu S, Alitalo K, McKee CA, Sheehan PW, Musiek ES, Xiong C, Coble D, Holtzman DM. 2019 Dural lymphatics regulate clearance of extracellular tau from the CNS. Mol Neurodegener, 14(1):11.

McKee CA, Lananna BV, Musiek ES. 2019 Circadian regulation of astrocyte function: implications for Alzheimer's disease. Cell Mol Life Sci, 77(6):1049-1058.

Lananna BV, Nadarajah CJ, Izumo M, Cedeño MR, Xiong DD, Dimitry J, Tso CF, McKee CA, Griffin P, Sheehan PW, Haspel JA, Barres BA, Liddelow SA, Takahashi JS, Karatsoreos IN, Musiek ES. 2018 Cell-Autonomous Regulation of Astrocyte Activation by the Circadian Clock Protein BMAL1. Cell Rep, 25(1):1-9.e5.

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