Events / Winston Fellow Award Competition

Winston Fellow Award Competition

4:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
Moore Auditorium

Students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Training in Vision Science (ITVS) Pathway will present their research and compete for the inaugural Winston Fellow Award in Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.

Nominees are:

  • Jacob Amme, Hengen Lab (WashU Biology), “Temperature-dependent learning and metabolic asymmetry shape hunting outcomes”
  • Evelyn Craigen, Clark Lab (WashU DOVS), “Right place, right time: Temporal regulation of retinal cell fate”
  • Jade Enright, Clark Lab (WashU DOVS), “Long non-coding RNAs regulate retinal development”
  • Sean McCracken, Williams Lab (WashU DOVS), “Diversity in homeostatic calcium set points predicts retinal ganglion cell survival following optic nerve injury in vivo”
  • Chas Pfeifer, Apte Lab (WashU DOVS), “Targeting CD200-CD200R signaling axis to modulate microglia-driven diabetic retinopathy”

Presentations will begin at 4pm, with a reception to follow at 5:15 during which the winner will be announced.

To attend virtually, please contact Jenna Krizan (