John R. Pruett, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.

Psychological and Brain Sciences

Neurosciences Program
Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Program

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  • fcMRI, fMRI, infant, autism, face perception, visual attention, psychophysics, social cognition, comparative cognition

  • The neuroscience of ASD, social cognition and comparative cognition

Research Abstract:

The Cognitive & Perceptual Development Lab has three primary areas of interest: (1) fcMRI studies of large-scale brain networks that may be altered in autism, (2) visual attention to face and non-face stimuli / face perception in autism and typical development, and (3) comparative studies of social relatedness and theory of mind.

Selected Publications:

Hawks Z, Todorov A, Nishino T, Talovic M, Marrus N, Nebel M, Davis S, Marek S, Seitzman B, Eggebrecht A, Elison J, Dager S, Mosconi M, Tychsen L, Snyder A, Botteron K, Estes A, Evans A, Gerig G, Hazlett H, McKinstry R, Pandey J, Schultz R, Styner M, Wolff J, Zwaigenbaum L, Piven J1, Pruett JR, Jr.1, for The IBIS Network†.1Shared senior authors. A prospective evaluation of infant cerebellar-cerebral functional connectivity in relation to behavioral development in autism. Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science. (in press)

Girault JB, Donovan K, Hawks Z, Talovic M, Forsen E, Elison JT, Shen MD, Swanson MR, Wolff JJ, Kim SH, Nishino T, Davis S, Snyder AZ, Botteron KN, Estes AM, Dager SR, Hazlett HS, Gerig G, Pandey J, Schultz RT, St. John T, Zwaigenbaum L, Todorov A, Truong Y, Styner M, Pruett JR, Jr.1, Constantino JN1, & Piven J1, for the IBIS Network. 1Shared senior authors. Brain imaging markers of inherited liability for autism implicate infant visual regions and pathways. The American Journal of Psychiatry. (in press)

McKinnon C2, Eggebrecht AT2, Todorov A, Wolff JJ, Elison JT, Adams CM, Snyder AZ, Estes AM, Zwaigenbaum L, Botteron KN, Evans A, Hazlett HC, Dager S, Paterson SJ, Schultz RT, Styner MA, Gerig G, Schlaggar BL, Petersen SE, Piven J1 and Pruett JR, Jr.1, for the IBIS Network+. Restricted and repetitive behavior and brain functional connectivity in infants and toddlers at risk for developing autism spectrum disorder. 2Shared first authors. 1Shared senior authors. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging 2019 Jan 1;4(1):50-61. PMID: 30446435.

Marrus NM, Eggebrecht AT, Todorov A, Elison JT, Wolff JJ, Cole L, Gao W, Pandey J, Shen MD, Swanson MR, Emerson R, Klohr CL, Adams AC, Snyder AZ, Estes AE, Zwaigenbaum L, Botteron KN, McKinstry R, Constantino JN, Evans AC, Hazlett HC, Dager S, Paterson SJ, Schultz RT, Styner M, Gerig G, The IBIS Network+, Schlaggar BL, Petersen SE, Piven J1 and Pruett JR, Jr.1. Walking, Gross Motor Function, and Brain Functional Connectivity in Infants and Toddlers. 1Shared senior authors. Cerebral Cortex 2017 Nov 23; 1-14. PMID: 29186388.

Emerson RW, Adams C, Nishino T, Hazlett HC, Wolff JJ, Zwaigenbaum, L, Constantino JN, Shen MD, Swanson MR, Elison JT, Kandala S, Estes AM, Botteron KN, Collins L, Dager SR, Evans AC, Gerig G, Gu H, McKinstry RC, Paterson SR, Schultz RT, Styner M, The IBIS Network+, Schlaggar BL, Pruett JR, Jr. 1, and Piven J1. Functional neuroimaging of high-risk 6-month-old infants predicts a diagnosis of autism at 24 months of age. 1Shared senior authors. Science Translational Medicine 2017 Jun 7;9(393). PMID: 28592562

Shaw JA, Bryant LK, Malle BF, Povinelli DJ, Pruett JR Jr, (2017 Apr). The relationship between joint attention and theory of mind in neurotypical adults. Conscious Cogn. 51: 268-278. PMID: 28433857

Eggebrecht AT, Elison JT, Feczko E, Todorov A, Wolff JJ, Kandala S, Adams CM, Snyder AZ, Lewis JD, Estes AM, Zwaigenbaum L, Botteron KN, McKinstry RC, Constantino JN, Evans A, Hazlett HC, Dager S, Paterson SJ, Schultz RT, Styner MA, Gerig G, Das S, Kostopoulos P, Schlaggar BL, Petersen SE, Piven J*, Pruett JR Jr*, (2017 Mar). Joint Attention and Brain Functional Connectivity in Infants and Toddlers. Cereb. Cortex. 27(3): 1709-1720. PMID: 28062515.
*Co-senior authors

Pruett JR Jr, Povinelli DJ, (2016 Dec). Commentary - Autism Spectrum Disorder: Spectrum or Cluster? Autism Res. 9(12): 1237-1240. PMID: 27333214. PMCID: PMC5215660

Pruett JR Jr, Kandala S, Hoertel S, Snyder AZ, Elison JT, Nishino T, Feczko E, Dosenbach NU, Nardos B, Power JD, Adeyemo B, Botteron KN, McKinstry RC, Evans AC, Hazlett HC, Dager SR, Paterson S, Schultz RT, Collins DL, Fonov VS, Styner M, Gerig G, Das S, Kostopoulos P, Constantino JN, Estes AM, , Petersen SE, Schlaggar BL, Piven J, (2015 Apr). Accurate age classification of 6 and 12 month-old infants based on resting-state functional connectivity magnetic resonance imaging data. Dev Cogn Neurosci. 12: 123-33. PMID: 25704288 PMCID: PMC4385423

Pruett JR, Jr., Kandala S, Petersen SE, and Povinelli DJ. Brief Report: Theory of Mind, relational reasoning, and social responsiveness in children with and without autism: demonstration of feasibility for a larger- scale study. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2015 Jul; 45(7):2243-51 PMID: 25630898. PMCID: PMC4474755.

Feczko E, Shulman GL, Petersen SE, and Pruett JR, Jr. Interactions between concentric form-from-structure and face perception revealed by visual masking but not adaptation. Journal of Vision 2014 Feb 21; 14(2):15. PMID: 24563526. PMCID: PMC3934487.

Pruett JR, Jr., Hoertel S, Constantino JN, LaMacchia Moll A, McVey K, Squire E, Feczko E, Povinelli DJ, and Petersen S. Impaired eye region search accuracy in children with autistic spectrum disorders. PLOS ONE 2013; 8(3): e58167. PMID: 23516446. PMCID: PMC3597629.

Pruett JR, Jr., LaMacchia A, Hoertel S, Squire E, McVey K, Todd RD, Constantino JN, and Petersen S. Social and non-social cueing of visuospatial attention in autism and typical development. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2011; 41(6): 715-731. PMID: 20809377. PMCID: PMC3660145.

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