Ting Wang, Ph.D.

Sanford C. and Karen P. Loewentheil Distinguished Professor

Computational and Systems Biology Program
Molecular Genetics and Genomics Program
Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology Program
Human and Statistical Genetics Program

  • 314-286-0865

  • 314-286-0866

  • MRB - McKinley Research Building, Room 4208

  • twang@wustl.edu

  • http://wang.wustl.edu/

  • DNA methylation, transposable elements, epigenomics, evolution, genomics, systems biology

  • Epigenome evolution and epigenetic determinants of cell fate

Research Abstract:

The big question: how does one genome encode different epigenomes, and how do different genomes encode the same epigenome?

I am fascinated by the evolution and adaption of gene regulatory networks. Research in my lab focuses on understanding genetic and epigenetic factors that determine cell fate, including cell fate in normal development and differentiation, abnormal cell fate in cancer, and how specific cell types evolve. Specifically, my lab investigates the roles of transposable elements and the roles of DNA methylation in these processes.

We develop experimental and computational technologies in parallel, obliterating the boundary between wet and dry labs.

Selected Publications:

Lee HJ, Lowdon RF, Maricque B, Zhang B, Stevens M, Li D, Johnson SL, Wang T. (2015) Developmental enhancers revealed by extensive DNA methylome maps of zebrafish early embryos. Nat Commun. 2015 Feb 20;6:6315. PMCID: PMC4339225.

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