David T. Curiel, M.D., Ph.D.

Radiation Oncology
Cancer Biology

Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Program

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  • Adenovirus, virotherapy, virus, cancer, gene therapy, vaccine

  • To address the central mandate of gene therapy we engineer adenovirus trophism to allow the achievement of effective gene delivery

Research Abstract:

Human gene therapy offers unprecedented opportunities to achieve targeted therapy for a range of inherited and acquired disorders. Recent human trials have achieved spectacular cures in contexts whereby available vectors could address the central mandate of effective gene delivery. Field advances for gene therapy will thus clearly be linked to the development of vectors capable of efficient and specific gene delivery to target cells.

We have addressed these key issues via the employment of human adenovirus (Ad) as a vector vehicle. Genetic engineering of recombinant Ad has allowed dramatic gains in vector efficacy. Validation of vector gains in strigent model systems has allowed the translation of our novel Ad vectors into the context of pivotal human trials for a range of neoplastic disorders.

Selected Publications:

Murakami M, Ugai H, Wang M, Belousova N, Dent P, Fisher PB, Glasgow JN, Everts M, Curiel DT. An adenoviral vector expressing human adenovirus 5 and 3 fiber proteins for targeting heterogeneous cell populations. Virology 2010 Nov 25;407(2):196-205. Epub 2010 Sep 9. PMID: 20828776

Short JJ, Rivera AA, Wu H, Walter MR, Yamamoto M, Mathis JM, Curiel DT. Substitution of adenovirus serotype 3 hexon onto a serotype 5 oncolytic adenovirus reduces factor X binding, decreases liver tropism, and improves antitumor efficacy. Mol Cancer Ther 2010 Sep;9(9):2536-44. Epub 2010 PMID: 20736345

Matthews QL, Fatima A, Tang Y, Perry BA, Tsuruta Y, Komarova S, Timares L, Zhao C, Makarova N, Borovjagin AV, Stewart PL, Wu H, Blackwell JL, Curiel DT. HIV antigen incorporation within adenovirus hexon hypervariable 2 for a novel HIV vaccine approach. PLoS One 2010 Jul 27;5(7):e11815.PMID: 20676400

Tang Y, Wu H, Ugai H, Matthews QL, Curiel DT. Derivation of a triple mosaic adenovirus for cancer gene therapy. PLoS One 2009 Dec 31;4(12):e8526.PMID: 20046872

Glasgow JN, Mikheeva G, Krasnykh V, Curiel DT. A strategy for adenovirus vector targeting with a secreted single chain antibody. PLoS One 2009 Dec 21;4(12):e8355. PMID: 20027223

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