Jacco Boon, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Molecular Microbiology
Pathology and Immunology

Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Program
Immunology Program

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  • 8051

  • 7240 McDonnell Pediatric Research Building

  • JBOON@DOM.wustl.edu

  • host-pathogen interactions, infection, microbial pathogenesis, systems biology, virus

  • Pathogenesis of Influenza A viruses

Research Abstract:

Influenza A virus is a collective name for a large number of different viruses that can infect birds and mammals. Humans are susceptible to a small subset of influenza A viruses; seasonal H1N1 and H3N2 viruses cause yearly epidemics and are associated with mild disease in healthy adults, while highly pathogenic influenza A viruses, like H5N1, induce severe disease and mortality in 60% of the reported cases. Pathogenesis or the ability to cause severe disease is the result of a complex interplay between the virus and the infected host. We are interested in understanding the mechanisms and determinants involved in pathogenesis. One program in the laboratory focuses on the role of viral proteins in mediating severe disease. Reverse genetics technology is used to create chimera influenza A viruses containing gene segments of two parent viruses with low and high pathogenic potential. In vitro and in vivo characterization of these novel chimera viruses will identify the influenza genes responsible for the disease phenotype. Another program is aimed at uncovering host proteins and protein networks involved in the life cycle of the virus. A combination of forward genetics using genetically diverse mouse strains, knockout mice, RNA interference and molecular techniques will be applied to study the role of host proteins on influenza virus biology. At the same time we are interested in studying the evolution of the virus and the effects of certain host proteins and host immunity on this process.

Selected Publications:

DesRochers BL, Chen RE, Gounder AP, Pinto AK, Bricker T, Linton CN, Rogers CD, Williams GD, Webby RJ, Boon ACM. (2016). Residues in the PB2 and PA genes contribute to the pathogenicity of avian H7N3 influenza A virus in DBA/2 mice. Virology. 2016 Jul;494:89-99.

Williams GD, Pinto AK, Doll B, Boon ACM. (2016). A North American H7N3 Influenza Virus Supports Reassortment with 2009 Pandemic H1N1 and Induces Disease in Mice without Prior Adaptation. Journal of Virology. 14;90(9):4796-806.

Lu Q, Yokoyama CC, Williams JW, Baldridge MT, Jin X, DesRochers B, Bricker T, Wilen CB, Bagaitkar J, Loginicheva E, Sergushichev A, Kreamalmeyer D, Keller BC, Zhao Y, Kambal A, Green DR, Martinez J, Dinauer MC, Holtzman MJ, Crouch EC, Beatty W, Boon ACM, Zhang H, Randolph GJ, Artyomov MN, Virgin HW. (2016). Homeostatic Control of Innate Lung Inflammation by Vici Syndrome Gene Epg5 and Additional Autophagy Genes Promotes Influenza Pathogenesis. Cell Host and Microbe. 13;19(1):102-13.

Pinto AK, Williams GD, Szretter KJ, White JP, Proença-Módena JL, Liu G, Olejnik J, Brien JD, Ebihara H, Mühlberger E, Amarasinghe G, Diamond MS, Boon ACM. (2015). Human and Murine IFIT1 Proteins Do Not Restrict Infection of Negative-Sense RNA Viruses of the Orthomyxoviridae, Bunyaviridae, and Filoviridae Families. Journal of Virology, 89(18):9465-76.

Boon ACM, Williams RW, Sinasac DS, Webby RJ. (2014). A novel genetic locus linked to pro-inflammatory cytokines after virulent H5N1 virus infection in mice. BMC Genomics. 24;15:1017.

Boon ACM, DeBeauchamp J, Krauss S, Rubrum A, Webb A, Webster RG, McElhaney J, Webby RJ. Cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies directed against pandemic H1N1 2009 virus are protective in a highly sensitive DBA/2 mouse influenza model. Journal of Virology 2010 84:7662-7.

Boon ACM, DeBeauchamp J, Hollmann A, Luke J, Finkelstein D, Neale G, Rowe S, Kotb M, Lu L, Williams RW, Webby RJ. Host Genetic Variation Affects Resistance to Infection with a Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Influenza A Virus in mice. Journal of Virology 2009 83:10417-26.

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