Megan A. Cooper, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Pathology and Immunology

Immunology Program
Human and Statistical Genetics Program

Research Abstract:

Our laboratory investigates two areas of immunology, the biology of natural killer (NK) cells and immune defects in pediatric patients with immune dysregulation syndromes. First, we are interested in regulation of NK cell effector functions, including cytokine-induced NK cell memory. NK cells are innate immune lymphocytes capable of recognizing and killing target cells and producing immunoregulatory cytokines, especially interferon gamma IFN-y. We currently have several projects focused on metabolic regulation of NK cell function. We determined that NK cells have distinct metabolic requirements that are activation-dependent, and that glycolysis is essential for NK cell killing of infected cells during viral infection. We are currently using several novel in vivo genetic models to explore the role of metabolism on NK cell effector function during viral infection and in the context of anti-tumor responses.

A second area of interest is in using next-generation sequencing to identify genetic causes of inborn errors of immunity that present in children. We discovered a syndrome of early-onset autoimmunity caused by gain-of-function (GOF) mutations in STAT3. This collaborative study, led by my laboratory, demonstrated that the genetic variants in STAT3 lead to increased transcriptional activity of the encoded transcription factor, causing immune dysregulation. Current work on STAT3 in the laboratory is focused on using two mouse models we developed to investigate the mechanisms of autoimmunity in children with STAT3 GOF. We recently reported novel hemizygous variants in TLR8 associated with a new syndrome of neutropenia, lymphoproliferation, immune dysregulation, and bone marrow failure due to GOF in TLR8. Interestingly, 5 of 6 patients had mosaic variants, revealing a unique molecular mechanism for this new disorder. We have active projects investigating the mechanism of immune dysregulation in these patients.

Mentorship and Commitment to Diversity Statement:
The Cooper lab is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive research environment for all trainees and staff. We appreciate that bringing together different voices is important for advancing science.

Selected Publications:

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