Sid Puram, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Division Chief of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology

Molecular Genetics and Genomics Program
Cancer Biology Program
Computational and Systems Biology Program
Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology Program

  • 314-362-9943

  • Couch Research Building, Room 6110, 4515 McKinley Ave, St Louis MO 63110




  • tumor heterogeneity; single cell; spatial transcriptomics; head and neck cancer; signaling

  • Understanding the role of tumor heterogeneity in cancer biology, including its contributions to cancer development, growth, metastasis, and treatment resistance mechanisms, in order to translate these insights into new diagnostics and novel therapeutics

Research Abstract:

Our lab is dedicated to understanding the importance of tumor heterogeneity in cancer biology, in particular cancers of the head and neck, which represents the 6th leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. I serve as the Division Chief of Head and Neck Oncology at Washington University, where I lead a vibrant group of researchers including 4 MD/PhD or PhD students, two post-docs, and several staff scientists. Our group is highly collaborative with others on campus, allowing us to leverage our complementary research background to move the field forward in exciting new directions.

In particular, we have been leaders in the use of advanced genomic techniques including single cell approaches, spatial transcriptomics, epigenetic studies, and transcription factor mapping techniques (calling cards) to better understand tumor biology. We complement these approaches with more traditional biochemistry and cell biology approaches to define the mechanisms and cellular states that underlie tumor growth, development, metastasis, and treatment resistance. In addition to providing fundamental insights into cancer biology, our goal is to translate these mechanistic insights into new diagnostics and therapeutics across oncology. Briefly, we hope to accomplish this goal through several major active lines of research:

1) Characterizing expression heterogeneity in head and neck cancer - Using cutting edge single cell techniques, which our lab has pioneered, we are investigating diversity present at the level of diverse individual cells, including malignant, stromal, and immune subpopulations. Although we have begun the difficult work of studying heterogeneity in oral cavity tumors, other subsite of HNSCC as well as other pathologies could greatly benefit from these studies.

2) Understanding how diverse viral expression states may specifically drive HPV-related cancers - Although HPV related head and neck cancers are more favorable in their prognosis, 10-40% of patients will experience tumor recurrence. We have utilized single cell techniques as well as epigenetic studies to define diverse HPVon and HPVoff state, which we believe may predict favorable vs adverse outcomes in their patients. Future work will focus on understand what the key epigenetic drivers of these heterogeneous HPV states may be.

3) Clarifying the key regulatory transcription factors and their targets triggering head and neck cancer - Our prior single cell analysis revealed a partial, hybrid epithelial/mesenchymal state (Cell, 2017) which appears to enable tumors to invade and metastasize. We are now rigorously investigating what transcription factors may underlie this process and using advance genomic approaches including calling cards (bulk and single cell) to comprehensively identify the targets of these TFs. We are also interested in TFs with pathology gain-of-function mutations and determining how these may exert an effect on tumor biology.

4) Interrogating the role of tumor-immune interactions through basic and translational studies - Tumor-host interactions are now established as a core component of cancer biology. The recent advent and adoption of immunotherapeutics across a wide range of cancers highlights the importance of this burgeoning field. We are interested in understanding how the tumor-immune interactions may be mediated through specific ligand-receptor events, as well as how the immune system responds to tumor heterogeneity and unique tumor expression states using advanced genomic approaches. We pair these techniques with ongoing clinical trials to provide a further layer of translational research to this area of interest.

5) Investigating epigenetic and epitranscriptomic drivers in head and neck cancer - Epigenetic regulators of cancer are now well described and highly relevant to cancer development. We are interested in understanding how modification of RNA, rather than DNA (known as epitranscriptomics) may direct the invasion and metastasis of cancer. Specifically, we have been studying the role of m5C, m6A, and other nucleotide modifications as key drivers of these processes.

6) Developing in vitro and in vivo models to study head and neck cancer - Despite substantial interest there are few typified and widely accepted models of head and neck cancer. With access to numerous cell lines, we will characterize existing models in new ways using a combination of mutational and expression-based profiling, thereby validating how well these models recapitulate human tumors and their diversity. However, we are interested in developing more sophisticated models of these human cancers through patient-derived xenografts (PDX), patient-derive organoids (PDO), and potentially syngeneic models that may better allow the immune system and its influence in head and neck cancer to be more accurately studied.

Mentorship and Commitment to Diversity Statement:
As a leader in the clinical and research space in head and neck cancer, I am firmly committed to the mentorship and development of diversity candidates. I strive to mentor every individual to be the best version of themselves. I ask equal engagement from my mentees to help achieve these goals.

Selected Publications:

Highlighted publications from >120 peer-reviewed papers:

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