Patricia Ribeiro Pereira, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Cancer Biology Program

Research Abstract:

The Ribeiro Pereira Lab has four major goals:

-- Use biomolecules, ranging from small molecules to full-length antibodies, as tumor-targeting agents to deliver imaging or cytotoxic cargo. A primary research focus of our laboratory is the conjugation, labeling, and validation of tumor-targeting molecular imaging and therapeutic agents.

-- Use multimodal imaging to monitor the binding of molecular-targeted compounds to tumors before and during therapy. To visualize a particular biological process, we take advantage of the high sensitives of PET, SPECT, or optical imaging. We use non-invasive molecular imaging to determine the role of receptor membrane dynamics and tumor stroma in cancer therapy.

-- Use acute and temporal pharmacologic approaches to modulate tumor biology in ways that enhance antibody- and non-antibody-based cancer therapies. We use pharmacologic approaches with appropriate PK/PD as potential adjuvants for specific antibody-targeted and non-antibody-based cancer therapies.

-- Improve cancer diagnosis and treatment by combining basic tumor biology with preclinical knowledge and clinical needs. We use fresh cultures of tumors and patient-derived GC xenografts (PDXs) to correlate antibody targeting with the respective tumor’s genetic profile and identify genetic features that characterize a non-responder versus a responder tumor. The preclinical discoveries made in our laboratory are combined with retrospective and prospective studies, prioritized and pushed towards clinical translation.

Mentorship and Commitment to Diversity Statement:
My mentoring approach combines effective communication, excellence in scientific performance, and creating an inclusive and diverse environment to foster a collegial and collaborative atmosphere for all lab members. Before we dive into the different aspects and details of my mentoring strategy, it is essential to understand each one's primary responsibilities:
My responsibility is to motivate and train my mentees to be the best scientists they can. At the same time, I provide as many opportunities as possible for them to pursue their scientific and professional goals, whatever those may be.
My mentees' responsibility is to be present, proactive, and curious, act with rigor, integrity, and humility while being kind to themselves and respectful to all lab members. 

Please click on this link to read my full Mentorship and Commitment to Diversity Statement:

Selected Publications:

Patricia M. R. Pereira*, Jalen Norfleet, Jason S. Lewis, Freddy Escorcia. ImmunoPET detects changes in multi-RTK tumor cell expression levels in response to targeted kinase inhibition, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2021, 62, 366-371.
*Corresponding author. →Cover for the March 2021 issue, →Selected as the March featured article of the month.

Patricia M. R. Pereira*, Komal Mandleywala, Ashwin Ragupathi, Jason S. Lewis*. Acute statin treatment improves antibody accumulation in EGFR- and PSMA-expressing tumors, Clinical Cancer Research, 2020, 26, 6215-6229.
*Corresponding author. →Cover art for December 2020 issue, Clinical Cancer Research. →Article featured in the Highlights of the December Issue.

Patricia M. R. Pereira*, Belmiro Parada, Teresa Ribeiro-Rodrigues, Carlos Ribeiro, Henrique Girao, Joao Tome*, Rosa Fernandes*. Caveolin-1 modulation increases efficacy of a galacto-conjugated phthalocyanine in bladder cancer cells resistant to photodynamic therapy, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2020, 17, 2145-2154.
*Corresponding author.

Patricia M. R. Pereira, Kimberly J. Edwards, Komal Mandleywala, Lukas M. Carter, Freddy E. Escorcia, Luis Felipe Campesato, Mike Cornejo, Lolkje Abma, Abu-Akeel Mohsen, Christine A. Iacobuzio-Donahue, Taha Merghoub, Jason S. Lewis, iNOS regulates the therapeutic response of pancreatic cancer cells to radiation therapy, Cancer Research, 2020, 80, 1681-1692.

Patrícia M. R. Pereira,* Sheryl Roberts,* Flávio Figueira, João P. C. Tomé, Thomas Reiner, Jason S. Lewis, PET/CT imaging with a 18F-labeled galactodendritic unit in a galectin-1 overexpressing orthotopic bladder cancer model, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2020, 61, 1369-1375.
*These authors contributed equally to this work.

Patrícia M. R. Pereira, Ashwin Ragupathi, Shayla Shmuel, Komal Mandleywala, Nerissa Viola, Jason S. Lewis, HER2-targeted PET imaging and therapy of hyaluronan-masked HER2-overexpressing breast cancer, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2020, 17, 327.
→Front cover for Molecular Pharmaceutics.

Freddy E. Escorcia, Jacob L. Houghton, Dalya Abdel-Atti, Patricia R. Pereira, Andrew Cho, Nicholas T. Gutsche, Kwamena E. Baidoo, Jason S. Lewis, ImmunoPET Predicts Response to Met-targeted Radioligand Therapy in Models of Pancreatic Cancer Resistant to Met Kinase Inhibitors, Theranostics, 2020, 10, 151.

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