Susan Mackinnon, M.D.

Sydney M. Shoenberg Jr. & Robert H. Shoenberg Professor
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Division Chief

Neurosciences Program
Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology Program

  • 314-362-4586

  • 314-362-4536

  • 9th Floor Wohl Clinic 9945


  • nerve regeneration, neuropathy, neurotrophins, peripheral nervous system, nerve allotransplantation, tissue engineering

  • Investigation of peripheral nerve injury and regeneration

Research Abstract:

The overall focus of the Mackinnon Peripheral Nerve Research Laboratory is to investigate the pathology, mechanisms, and current/prospective clinical treatments of peripheral nerve injury. The laboratory utilizes models of peripheral nerve injury in combination with quantifiable assessment via in vivo imaging, histomorphometry, confocal microscopy, muscle force output and walking gate analysis to evaluate nerve regeneration. The results from this research are used to test prospective clinical treatments and provide insights into biological processes of nerve regeneration. The work from the lab has led directly to changes in the clinical treatment of patients with peripheral nerve injury and to new understanding of nerve regeneration. Currently our laboratory is evaluating the regenerative capacity of acellular nerve allografts and methods, such as endogenous Schwann cell transplantations, to enhance regeneration in the nerve allografts. Additionally our lab is utilizing targeted up regulation of GDNF in denervated skeletal muscle via viral drug delivery to investigate the parameters of GDNF delivery in the periphery that enhance peripheral nerve regeneration.

Selected Publications:

Whitlock EL, Johnson PJ, Myckatyn TM, Tong AY, Yee AX, Yan Y, Moore AM, Magill CK, Mackinnon SE. Dynamic Quantification of Host Schwann Cell Migration into Peripheral Nerve Allografts. Exp Neurol. 2010 Oct;225(2):310-9. Epub 2010 Jul 12.

Ray WZ, Kasukurthi R, Kale S, Santosa KB, Papp EM, Hunter DA, Johnson P, Yan Y, Mackinnon SE, Tung TH. Costimulation Blockade Inhibits the Indirect pathway of Allorecognition in Nerve Allograft Rejection. Muscle and Nerve 2010 (In Press).

Magill CK, Moore AM, Yan Y, Tong AY, MacEwan MR, Yee A, Hayashi A, Hunter DA, Ray WZ, Johnson PJ, Parsadanian A, Myckatyn TM, Mackinnon SE. The Differential Effects of Pathways- versus Targeted-Derived Glial Cell Line-Derived neurotrophic Factor on peripheral Nerve Regeneration. Journal of Neurosurgery 2010 Jul;113(1):102-9.

Hayashi A, Pannucchi C, Moradzadeh A, Kawamura D, Magill C, Hunter DA, Tong A, Parsadanian A, Myckatyn TM, Mackinnon SE. Axotomy or compression is required for axonal sprouting following end-to-side neurorrhaphy. Experimental Neurology 2008 211(2):539-50.

Kawamura DH, Johnson PJ, Moore AM, Magill CK, Hunter DA, Ray WZ, Tung TH, Mackinnon SE. Matching of Motor-Sensory Modality in the Rat Femoral Nerve Model Shows No Enhanced Effect on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration. Exp Neuro 2010 233(2), 496-504.

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