Ream Al-Hasani, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Neurosciences Program
Molecular Cell Biology Program
Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology Program


  • Understanding the endogenous opioid systems to defeat addiction, ameliorate affective disorders, and relieve chronic pain.

Research Abstract:

My goal is to establish an independent research career aimed at understanding the endogenous opioid systems to defeat addiction, ameliorate affective disorders, and relieve chronic pain. I intend to do this by three primary means: 1) groundbreaking biological research in my own independent laboratory, 2) collaborative efforts with academia and industry partners to advance both our tools and our knowledge, and 3) training the next generation of research scientists. Throughout my career, I have maintained steady determination to build my scientific and leadership expertise to be well prepared to guide an independent laboratory and mentor trainees.

Selected Publications:

G. Shin*, A.M. Gomez*, R. Al-Hasani,* (co-first author), Y. Jeong*, J. Kim*, Z. Xie, A. Banks, J. Kurniawan, J. Tureb, Z. Guo, S. Han, C.J. Yoo, J. Lee, S.H. Lee, J. Yoon, S.I. Park, S.Y. Bang, Y. Nam, M.C. Walicki, V.K. Samineni, A.D. Mickle, S.Y. Heo, J.G. McCall, T. Pan, L. Wang, X. Feng, T. Kim, J.K. Kim, Y. Li, Y. Huang, R.W. Gereau IV, J.S. Ha, M.R. Bruchas, and J.A. Rogers (2017). Subdermal near field wireless optoelectronics for broad applications in optogenetics. Neuron (Featured article). Feb 8;93(3):509-521. PMID: 28132830.

N. Massaly, J.A. Moron, R. Al-Hasani (2016). A trigger for opioid misuse: Chronic pain and stress dysregulate the
mesolimbic pathway and kappa opioid system. Frontiers in Neuroscience, Nov 7;10:480. PMID: 27872581.

E.R. Siuda, R. Al-Hasani, J.G. McCall, D.L. Bhatti, M.R. Bruchas (2016). Chemogenetic and optogenetic activation of Gas signalling in the basolateral amygdala induces acute and social anxiety-like states. Neuropsychopharmacology, Jul;41(8): 2011-13. PMID: 26725834.

P. Namburi, R. Al-Hasani, G.G. Calhoon, M.R. Bruchas, K.M. Tye (2015). Architectural representation of valence in the limbic system. Neuropsychopharmacology, Jun; 41 (7): 1697-715. PMID: 26647973.

T. Trang, R. Al-Hasani, D. Salvemini, M.W. Salter, H. Gutstein, C.M. Cahill (2015). Pain and poppies: the good, the bad, and the ugly of opioid analgesics. Journal of Neuroscience, Oct 14;35(41):13879-88. PMID 26468188.

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