Susanne Renner, Dr. rer. nat.

Honorary Professor

Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology Program

  • 314-935-6850

  • 314-465-5688

  • McDonnell Hall 403, Danforth Campus


  • Evolution, plant systematics, nomenclature, biogeography, plant/animal interactions, sexual systems, sex chromosomes

  • I am an evolutionary biologist and plant systematist. Of particular interest to me are plant/animal interactions, biogeography, and plant sexual systems

Research Abstract:

In recent years, I have worked mostly on plant phenology (related to historic and ongoing climate change), the evolution of plant sex chromosomes, and the origin and domestication of Cucurbitaceae crops. I also publish on the data storage and data re-use in taxonomy and how to attached names to species - with Codes of Nomenclature - a topic that requires discussion across research communities (bacteria, archaea, cultivated and uncultivated Prokaryotes, algae, plants, higher animals) and that bears on conservation biology.

Mentorship and Commitment to Diversity Statement:
My mentoring experience comes mostly from having trained Latin American, European, and Chinese doctoral students and postdocs.

Selected Publications:

Renner, S. S., M. S. Graf, Z. Hentschel, H. Krause, and A. Fleischmann. 2021. High honeybee abundances reduce wild bee abundances on flowers in the city of Munich. Oecologia 195(1):

Sousa, A., Schubert, V. and S. S. Renner. 2021. Centromere organization and UU/V sex chromosome behaviour in a liverwort. The Plant Journal 106: 133-141.

Renner, S. S. and N. Müller. 2021. Plant sex chromosomes defy evolutionary models of expanding recombination suppression and inevitable genetic degeneration. Nature Plants.

Renner, S. S. 2021. Recommendation for adding photographs of type specimens to the protologues of new names of taxa at the rank of species or below. Taxon 70(2): 452-453. DOI

Renner, S. S., S. Wu, O. A. Pérez-Escobar, M. V. Silber, Z. Fei, and G. Chomicki. 2021. A chromosome-level Kordofan melon genome illuminates the origin of domesticated watermelons. Proceedings of the Natl. Academy, USA, in press.

Zohner, C. M., S. S. Renner, V. Sebald, T. W. Crowther. 2021. How changes in spring and autumn phenology translate into growth - experimental evidence for asymmetric effects. Journal of Ecology, in press.

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